AEROMASKING 2K is a two-component, solvent-free peelable protective coating comprishing 100% solids and featuring a high level of chemical resistance in chemical machining and milling processes.

Main Characteristics

  • AEROMASKING 2K ensures a rapid dry/cure with no need for baking or stoving, and is quicker than products containing solvents.                                                                                                  
  • It reduces costs in relation to the process involving the use and processing of the emission of solvents into the athmosphere, due to the fact its VOC content is practically zero and emissions are inexistent.                                                               
  • AEROMASKIG 2K has been developed to simplify the handling of the application of the product and to eliminate emissions into the atmosphere.                                                                             
  • Its thixotropic properties ensure the formation of thick layers with a minimum number of applications. In general 1-2 applicactions will result in a 300-350 micron (10-12 mil) coating.        
  • Greater consistency of the product with less tendency to settle. Only component A should be shaken.                                   
  • Less tendency to produce a “sagging” effect ,reducing contamination in the painting booth.

AEROMASKING 2K es recommended exclusively fot hot airless spray applications

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