Paint Strippers

Amongst TURCO’s many specialities for industry, its broad range of strippers holds a special place. TURCO has always paid special attention to this type of product, whose peculiarities always require extra dedication and work in partnership with appliers and users. It has been a long road from classic immersion strippers to modern environment-friendly products, and TURCO has always been at the forefront in terms of safety, effectiveness and respect for the environment. The many uses for TURCO strippers include: the removal of paint from hooks and tools in paint booths, the stripping of defective parts, the stripping of aeroplanes and large metal structures, the removal of old paint on walls, roofs and floors, graffiti removal, and more. Our range includes hot and cold immersion strippers, thixotropic, acid, alkaline and neutral strippers, for epoxy or polyurethane systems, conventionally or ecologically formulated (free from methylene chloride, phenyls and other harmful substances).

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