Special concentrated liquid wax for washing tunnels and washing stations.

CIRE HP C is a liquid for polishing and speeding up the drying of car bodyworks. It is applied in the last rinsing, therby virtually eliminating manual drying and providing an attractive shine, effective corrosion-proofing and saving considerable time.

Características principales

  • High concentration: Affords extraordinary results and it is used in very small doses, thereby producing an excellent yield.  
  • Quick-drying: The cars are dried instantaneously as they pass through the air curtain, thereby providing a high yield from the washing machine.                                                                                   
  • The consumition per vehicle is from 20 to 25 ml.                         
  • The use of CIRE HP C affords extraordinary results in terms of protection and conservation of lacquers.                                   
  • Shine                                                                                                     
  • Corrosion-proofing shine: The wax  sticks to the bodywork, forming a film which protects the paintwork and chrome-plating.  
  • High performance: With a litre of CIRE HP C around 60 cars are dried, depending on the washing tunnel.

The injection of the product in the last rinse will be carried out by means of a venturi or other similar system, incorporated in the washing tunnel.                       

Owing to its high concentration, the dose must be 50% lower than other conventional products.