Special concentrated liquid wax for washing tunnels.

KONSERVAN CONC is a liquid for polishing and speeding up drying of car bodies. It is applied in the final rinse of the washing, thus virtually eliminating manual drying and providing an attractive gloss, effective corrosion protection and a considerable saving of time.

Características principales

  • High concentration: It provides outstanding results being used in very small doses, thus providing a high profitability.         
  • Fast Drying: Cars dry up instantly when they pass through the curtain air thereby providing a high performance of the car washing machine.                                                                                   
  • Gloss and corrosion protecion: The wax adheres to the body forming a film that protects the paint and chrome.            
  • High performance: a litter of KONSERVAN CONC dries up around 70 cars, depending on the washing tunnel.

The injection of the product in the last rinse will be carried out by means of a venturi or other similar system, incorporated in the washing tunnel.                       

Owing to its high concentration, the dose must be 50% lower than other conventional products.