AVIOHIB CALDERAS FG has been specially designed as a chemical agent to avoid the formation of the salts which form very hard coats which are hard to remove and which reduce the performance and effectiveness of the elements used.                                                                                                     It contains mineral salts and elements capable of forming, directly or by hydrolysis, with the alkaline-earth ions, amorphous precipitates and dispersing them in such a way as to avoid the precipitation of the sukphates and calcium carbonates present.             

Main Characteristics

  • AVIHOB CALDERAS FG avoids corrosion by means of effective corrosion inhibitors, including in vapours and it also neutralises the dissolvent oxygen.                                                                          
  • The presence of colloids keeps the sludge formed in suspension, preventing their deposition and faciliting their elimination.

Tanks, transport, boilers

Product dosage must be such that inside the boiler the following product quantities are maintained:

Feed water hardness             ppmm of AVIOHIB C.FG

O-2 º Fr                                    200-300

2-6º Fr                                     300-500                            

Every time there is regeneration with new water the system, to make up for the losses by evaporation, must add the calculated proportion of the product. A normal boiler evaporates around 15 litres of water per hour and horsepower.                                     Keep the product concentration by addition constant by means of a dosing pump.