COAT CUSTOM PHOS Nº1 is a phosphating liquid product, concentrate with a marked acid character, capable of forming an excellent covering of phosphate of iron,  high copulating, uniform power, iridescent dark color, ideal base of painting and it is resistant to the corrosion.         

Main Characteristics

  • COAT CUSTOM PHOS Nº1 is a product capable of producing phosphatic layers of the order of 0,8-1,2 gr/m2, ideal for posterior electrodeposition of painting.
  • Ideal base of painting and resistant to the corrosion.       

It can be applied on iron, steel, cadmium, zinc and aluminium.

It is used to cocentrations of the order from 2 to 3% in weight, and to temperatures of 60-70ºC. The time of contact will be between 90 to 120 secons, to 1-1,5 Kgs/cm2, for aspersion and from 4 to 5 minutes for dip.