AVIOCLEANER G is added to the tank, cisterns, etc. of the fuel preferably before filling, with a view to facilitating product homogenisation.


Main Characteristics

  • AVIOCLEANER G manages to keep fuels in an optimum state at all times ( irrespective of the circumstances) so that the combustion is reliable and start-ups do not present any problems                                         .                           
  • AVIOCLEANER G desintegrates the soot formed during operation, considerably reducing its emission into the atmosphere and achieving a fuel saving of between 6 and 8%.                                                   
  • AVIOCLEANER G contains active substances which increase fuel stability during storage, reducing the formation of sediments from the natural product by over 95% (gas-oil, fuel-oil,etc).

Trucks, public works machinery, railway,etc

It is recommended to mix AVIOCLEANER G in the proportion of 1:2000