Nonchromated cold tank carbon remover

AVIO CR NC is a two phase, yellow, liquid, compound formulated to remove carbon, paints, engine varnish, sticky gums, oils, greases, etgyl stains and other soils from internal combustion engine parts at room temperature by immersion methods.

Main Characteristics

  • Nonflammable                                                                                     
  • Used as received                                                                                  
  • No heating required. Operates at room temperatures.               
  • Free of phenols and chromates.                                                      
  • Contains built-in seal to retard solvent loss.                                  
  • Readly rinses from parts with cold, hot pressurized water and steam.

Normally used in internal combustion engine parts and accessories.

Immerse parts in AVIO CR NC tank, making sure parts are below the seal level. Do not heat or agitate tank. . For more information please contact us.