Stabilizer agent of foam. Non siliconated.

ANTIESPUMANTE NS is a tensoactive nature product whose principal mission is to control and stabilize the foam generated by other components.

Main Characteristics

  • ANTIESPUMANTE NS possess a wide compability in acid and alkaline means, reducing notably the foam, spreading its effect during long lapses of time, without need of a constance addition.         
  • It contains neither silicones nor derivatives siliconated, for what it use is specially advisable in processes where the silicone can be incompatible or harmful.

It field of application includes all the fields where the foam is a troublesome problem. It is particularly recommended in operations of degrease for aspersion, in facilities of painting, cabin of water curtain,etc

The proportions will be of the order from 0,05 to 0,08% of ANTIESPUMANTE NS.