Liquid alkaline wide temperature range cleaner for spray and dip systems

AVIOCLEANER 10032 BTL has been developed to remove shop soils, lube oils, light drawing waxes from ferrous, aluminium, copper and titanium alloys. Is algo suitable for cleaning magnesium, zinc and cadmium, and is ideal for precleaning metals prior to phosphating and painting.

Main Characteristics

  • Does not contain free cuastic or phosphates, readly rinses from metal surfaces with room temperature water and is effective from 32 to 88ºC.                                                                   
  • Used at low concentrations.                                                              
  • Solution is controlled by simple titration.                                          
  • Free rinsing from parts with room temperature water.              
  • Contains less than 1 PPM lead, silver, zinc, tin, copper and cadmium.                                     
  • Contains less than 50 PPM halogens.          
  • Passes ARP 1755B, Category 10.                      
  • Passes ASTM F-945 (AMS 4911 and AMS 4916 Titanium).                 
  • Passes ASTM F-519, Type 1A hydrogen embrittlement test).    

Tanks and associated equipment may be fabricated from mild steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel is preferred. It can be used by immersion or aspersion systems. Please contact our Technical Department for more information.