Degreasing and passivation product, especially formulated for the preparation of steel parts before thermal treatment and after oil tempering.

Main Characteristics

  • Silicate-free product which eliminates the vitrification risks of the furnaces and soft areas of the parts.                       
  • Passivation power on ferrous metals and parts.
  • Reextension power of tempering oils.
  • Non-foaming ( allows spraying).
  • Applicable on aluminium.

Degreasing product for copper, iron and aluminium, particularly used for cleaning and degreasing in turning operations.

Tempering: Preferably stirred, with or without ultrasound, dosed at between 1 and 3% in water at a temperature between 50 and 80ºC.                                     

Spraying: Dosed at between 0.5 and 1.5% in water at a temperature between 50 and 80ºC.