AVIODEOX AL/3 is a liquid product used for degreasing aluminium and its alloys both by means of immersion and aspersion.

Main Characteristics

  • AVIODEOX AL/3 is a liquid, colourless product which is non-flammable and wholly soluble in water. Its typical density is 1,28 gr/cc.
  • The acidic nature of AVIODEOX AL/3 allows, during degreasing the simultaneous degreasing of the material, leaving the surface totally even and no neutralisation stage is necessary before any surface conversion process which allows, in turn, the implementation of rapid treatment cycles.      
  • AVIODEOX AL/3 has been formulated to obtain an intense degreasing action at a low temperature on oils, fats and surface dirt and its liquid form allows its dispensing in automatic control systems.

In immersion processes it is used at concentrations of 1-3% at temperatures from room temperature to 40-50ºC and times of 3-5 minutes.                                                         

In aspersion processes in a washing machine or tunnel it is used at concentrations of 0.5-2% and at the same temperatures as in immersion processes with times of 1-3 minutes.