Degreaser, Emulsifier and Protective

T-4454 SPECIAL is an emulsifier-type liquid for degreasing and protecting metals. It easily removes light machining, cutting and protective oils,etc; and contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor which allows for storage during the different processes for the manufacture and preparation of the degreased parts.

Main Characteristics

  • Soluble in most solvents and oils. Emulsifies quickly in water.
  • Is not corrosive on ferrous metals, aluminium, magnesium, copper and alloys, electroplating, and is compatible with all metals in general.                                                                                  
  • Flash point 160ºC ( C.O.C)                                                                
  • Does not produce foam in sprinkling equipment.

T-4454 SPECIAL may be applied using immersion or spray method, the latter being more commonly used.                  Equipment: Tanks, pumps and spray equipment and heating equipment made of ordinary steel.                          

Concentration: 1% to 10% in water. Preferably 3%.            

Dissolution: Add to cold or warm water and stir until emulsion has been fully achieved.                                            

Temperature: Ambient up to 60º C.                          .        

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