DESIN CRUST is a high potency acid cleanser, which is mainly used in cleaning outdoor rail car and cleaning and descaling of cooling circuits, where there is high presence of iron.

Main Characteristics

  • DESIN CRUST is an acid powder , slightly reddish color, which completely dissolves in water, regardless of water quality, which facilitates its application on mobile devices.                        
  • It is a product scientifically designed to eliminate any type of dirt and scale.                                            
  • Easily removes rust formations and it adapts to the climatic conditions of the application site.           
  • It has an excellent power of removal by a simple rinse with water and with embedded inhibitors provide uniform action without forming stripes or spots during application.

It can be applied on mild steel, stainless steel and painted surfaces. On aluminium further provides polishing effects,

DESIN CRUST can be applied by spray manually or by semi-automatic cleaning system.                              

Spray is used from 1 to 4%                                                     

Manual application-Perform a brushing with a solution prepared at 3 to 6 %                                                      

Semi- automatic system-consists of brushing, using a brush-source, ie, automatic feeding of cleaning solution. It is also used 3 to 6 %.