Alkaline cleaner water based

AMO* es a mild alkalinity liquid with a high degreaser power. AMO* is developed as a surface cleaner and mechanical parts cleaner in dip applications, projection or simple manual action by sponge or brush.

Main Characteristics

  • Eliminates contamination from medium to heavy consistency on any surface, painted or not, without damaging the surfaces finishes, meta, rubber or rubber plastics,etc.            
  • Suitable for the cleaning of engines, mechanical assemblies and equipment without prior desassembly.                                       
  • AMO* is a product easy to rinse and compatible with hard water, quick and easy solution.                  
  • AMO* can be used to wash the inside of tanks that have transported or will transporting foods products, making it the end of washing a proper rinse.             
  • Formulation and components of this product is also Compliance Khoser.

It has a wide range of activity in sectors as diverse as automotive, shipbuilding, aeronautics, transportation, cooking, oiled surfaces and general cleaning and maintenance.

Depending on contamination, it can be used in water dilutions in the ratio of 1:3 to 1:5. The combination of 1 part of AMO* to three parts of solvent type white spirit produce an emulsion stable with high cleaning power. Applications should preferably be projected or manually applied, both applications require a post and copious washing with water.