A general-purpose liquid cleaner.

AVIOCLEANER N is a product which has been scientifically formulated as a general-purpose cleaner capable of solving all manner of cleaning problems, through simple applications.

Main Characteristics

Rapidly and efficiently eliminating dirt, grease, stains and the widest types of contamination, at minimal cost and with great ease of use.                                                                    

It is safe to use on all metals, plastics, painted surfaces, natural or artificial stone, glass, etc.                                   

It dissolves instantly in cold or warm, and is harmless to the hands.                                                                                                 

It is extraordinarily compatible will all types of water, even the hardest and the most brackish.           


Cleaning of floors and walls                                        


Painted surfaces                                                      

Bathroom fittings                                                                  

AVIOCLEANER N´s potential uses cover a wide range of activities and applications.

The proportions in which AVIOCLEANER N is to be employed will depend upon the use to which it is put and specific cleaning requirements. Manually applied by brush, sponge or cloth or with available automatic or specific equipment. Please contact our Technical Department for more information.