Fast-acting aluminium cleaner and brightener

AVIOSMUT L is a new, highly effective chemical product for cleaning and brightening aluminium cars and trucks, trailers, tanks, window frames, etc, in a single operation,

Main Characteristics

  • AVIOSMUT L completely eliminates the need for pre-cleaning when used in a frequent and correct manner. This advance in the protection of aluminium has proved to be extremely economical as it reduces costs in relation to labour and pre-cleaning materials.                                                                  
  • The product is ideal for high-performance cleaning of oainted and aluminium surfaces when wishing to obtain a detergent acid based.                                                              
  • AVIOSMUT L replaces pre-clean alkaline products, ensuring a more thorough clean, in addition to slowing down the effects of normal atmospheric corrosion on surfaces.          
  •  AVIOSMUT L is a white, slightly acidic liquid specifically designed for the cleaning and brightening of aluminium, when used correctly.

Aluminium cleaner and brightener

The product is normally used at a concentration of 200 cc per litre of water, but may be diluted at up to 90 cc per litre of water. The solution should be applied using a non-atomized spray gun. The solution should be sprayed on from bottom to top, left for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinsed with clean water from top to bottom. There is no need to use a brush, except in the event of strong contamination. A brush or cloth may be used in the absence of spraying equipment.