Detergent for the cleaning of land transport vehicles

AVIOTEC 1200 H is a product designed for the cleaning, both manual and in automatic facilities, of the exterior of transport vehicles. Used regularly, it eliminates dirt from painted and unpainted surfaces and is highly effective in the brushless cleaning of lorries and other vehicles.

Main Characteristics

  • AVIOTEC 1200 H is an odourless aqueous-based product which contains surfactants, alkaline salts and sequestrants.
  • Is a transparent, odourless liquid.       
  • Single-stage treatment ( unlike two-stage acid treatments)    
  • Contains no dangerous acids                                 
  • Very safe for workers                            
  • Safe on paint, glass, metal, plastic, rubber,etc       
  • No corrosion on chassis or rusting of nuts, bolts and screws of wheels and other metal components.
  • Possesses water conditioning properties.
  • Extremely economical due to its low concentration in use.           

In automatic installations: 0,5-1 % in water                          

In high pressure installations: 1-2 % in water.                   

The best results are obtained by applying the product at low pressure. Rinsed in low or high pressure water (0,5 to 2 Kg/cm2) after a contact time of 2 to 10 minutes depending on the type of vehicle.