Detergent for the cleaning of cars and trucks in car wash facilities.

AVIOTEC 1265 has been developed for use in automatic installations for the “brushless” cleaning of trucks and other vehicles. If it is used regularly, it removes dirt from painted or unpainted surfaces that are in good conditions.

Main Characteristics

  • Single stage treatment.  
  • Does not contain hazardous acids.        
  • Very safe for workers   
  • It is safe on glass, paint and metals           
  • No corrosion on chassis or rusting og nuts, bolts and screws of wheels and other metal components
  • Does not contain phosphates and its biodegradable 
  • Possesses water conditioning properties. 
  • Extremely economical due to its low concentration in use.

Automatic installations

In automatic installations: 0,5-1% in water                               

In high pressure installations: 1-2%