Multi-purpose cleaner


CELLSCLEAN 100 is a pleasent smelling, controlled foam, multi-purpose cleaner for all types of industry.


Main Characteristics

  • CELLSCLEAN 100 thoroughly cleans and degreases all types of surfaces, restoring the shine to the same.                                
  • It is suitable for use on all metals and paintwork in good condition, without staining or scratching the aluminium. 
  • Does not attack plexiglass.                                     
  • Easily soluble and stable in aqueous mixtures.                 
  • Restores the shine to paintwork .                  
  • Easy to rinse.                                
  • A pleasent and refreshing smell.               
  • Non-inflammable.                                                   
  • An excellent remover of nicotine and carbon stains.

All types of industry such as the petrochemical, automobile, naval, aviation, railway sectors, etc. Recommended for cleaning the interior of boats, aircraft, trains, etc. Suitable for all metals, paintwork, plastic, imitation leather, sanitary ware, the cleaning of lime scale deposits,etc.

It can be applied  using a spray or immersion system or manually using a brush, roller or sponge. Let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rub in with a brush or sponge and finally wash with plenity of water.