Floor cleaning in manufacturing plants, non emulsifying.

CERALIFT SE is a special product for cleaning and degreasing concrete floors, as well as other types of floors.

Main Characteristics

CERALIFT SE has the advantage of not emulsifying oil and grease, and has been developed so that these products separate easily in water treatment plants.                             

CERALIFT SE is an alkaline product, non caustic and non toxic. It disperses the dirt of grease particles and keeps them suspended, so they are easily removed by just rinsing with water.                                                                                                 

It does not evaporate and is completely stable.    

It is easy to handle and does not damage hands, clothing, etc  

If it splashes machinery or other instruments while cleaning, it has a limited effect and does not remove the paint.              

It is very easy to rinse, so, as it does not leave residue, it guarantees that places where fish, meat, etc. is stored will not be contaminated. Caustic products are hard to remove and cause reactions on the aforementioned products which generally lead to a fast decomposition.     

It is completely effective in fish and meat canning plants, and in general on any contaminated floor in food processing areas, with a high penetration power, specially on animal and vegetable grease.            

It can also be use effectively on any dirt in workshops, loading and unloading areas, warehouses,etc.       

The easiest way to clean severe accumulations is with a cleaning machine, diluted 10-20% according to level of dirt. It can also be applied routinely by mopping, with a prepared solution between 5 and 50 g/l, and leaving to soften and then rinsing.