Detergent for cleaning bodyworks.

LAVOTECH QS is a powder detergent, fluid, developed for use in cleaning vehicles with high pressure systems that are configured as a result of high cleaning power and exceptional granular presentation and low density.

Main Characteristics

  • Excellent cleaning results ( even in hard water ).     
  • Rinsability.                                                              
  • No caking occurs in the metering cone.
  • Biodegradable                                                                      
  • High performance                                    
  • It does not attack paint, rubber, …

LAVOTECH QS  is dosed at 25 gr/ 8 lt / minute ( pressure pumps). The dose should be adjusted when using pumps with a different flow rate.                                           

The optimum performance of LAVOTECH QS is obtained at a temperature of 70ºC, using a nozzle tip and a pressure of 65-85 atmospheres.