Water based alkaline cleaner


PRECLEAN 100 is a liquid product endowed with low alkalinity and high degreasing power, developed as a cleaner of surfaces and mechanical elements in applications involving immersion, projection or simple manual action by means of a sponge or brushing.

Main Characteristics

  • It does not contain phosphates.             
  • It removes contaminations with medium to heavy consistency on painted and unpainted surfaces, without damaging the surface finishes be they metal, rubber or plastic,etc. Suitable for cleaning engines, mechanical units and equipment without prior disassembly.                  
  • PRECLEAN 100 is a product which is easy to wash and is compatible with hard water, dissolves easily and rapidly with a low level of foam.

Its use is recommended for exterior cleaning of transport vehicles ( car, buses, special transport, railways, etc.)

  • In automatic installations: 0,5-1% in water                             
  • In high pressure installations: 1-2%