STONE CLEANER is one of the products developed for exterior building cleaning and brightening.

Main Characteristics

  • STONE CLEANER is a viscous, ready to use, low foaming, strongly alkaline product.                            
  • Due to its viscous nature, it will easily cling to vertical surfaces, will stay wet for a longer period of time and not penetrate too deep into the substrate.                                            
  • All this will result in the lowest product consumption for the best results.                                                
  • STONE CLEANER is not safe on paint, aluminium and zinc coated with AVIOPROTEC SL.                
  • Make sure that all surfaces all coated with an even layer of AVIOPROTEC SL. Best results with AVIOPROTEC SL are obtained using rollercoat application, or if brushes have to be used, use log-haired soft-bristle brushes.

It is intended to be used on sandstone, marmor and other natural construction materials, but it can also be used as a precleaner for very soiled or greasy walls.

Depending on the weather conditions, wet the surfaces to be treated with water before the application of the STONE CLEANER. Apply STONE CLEANER evenly to the surface to be treated, using soft synthetic-fiber brushes, broom or non-atomizing airless spray equipment.            

For more information please contact our Technical Department.