Detergent for cleaning land transport vehicles

SUPRA EXTRA PER is a recent development for cleaning painted surfaces in the transport industry in automatic/manual washing tunnels and high-pressure cleaning centres.

Main Characteristics

  • Its best feature is that it reduces and eliminates the static film on painted surfaces, making in particularly suited to brushless high-pressure cleaning.                                                                              
  • SUPRA EXTRA PER facilitates rinsing, fostering the opening up of the water film, thereby reducing the use of water repellents, reducing the risk of white stains and producing shiny surfaces.     
  • Does not contain any phosphates and it is biodegradable in accordance with European directive 73/404 CEE.                
  • SUPRA EXTRA PER is bacteriostatic and thus prevents the putrefaction of water in washing tunnels, particularly suited for systems which recycle or recover water.                                              
  • SUPRA EXTRA PER is a green, transparent liquid. It has a sweet fragance that facilitates an easy application implementation and use by the staff.

On automatic installations: 0,5-1 % in water                        

On high-pressure installations: 1-2 % in water                    

The best results are obtained by applying the product at low pressure. Rinsed in low or high pressure water (0,5 to 2 Kg/cm2) after a contact time of 2 to 10 minutes depending on the type of vehicle.