High pressure car cleaning detergent.

SUPRA PHP 30 is a free flowing powder detergent, designed to use in car cleaning using high-pressure systems.

Main Characteristics

  • Excellent cleaning results ( even in hard water )                            
  • Easy rinsing properties.                                                                     
  • Free flowing, it does not produce clogging in the dosing system.                                                                
  • Biodegradable.                                                                                  
  • Safe on paints, joints, rubbers, and common materials.

Car cleaning

SUPRA PHP 30 is used at concentrations of 20 gr / 8 lt / per minute ( high pressure pumps). For different pumps flows, adjust concentration before use.                                

The optimum performance of SUPRA PHP 30 is obtained at temperatures of 60-70ºC and pressure of 65-100 atmospheres.