TANK STRIPPER C is a strongly alkaline product specially designed for the removal of latex, resins and other difficult residues in road tankers and tank containers, through circulation equipment.

The product possesses significant thermal conductivity; ensuring solutions can be maintained at working temperatures with minimum consumption of heat energy.

TANK STRIPPER C removes all kinds of latex, latex films and most resins.

TANK STRIPPER C allows a large amount of cleanings without need of being changed. The solutions can be easily maintained at its full capacity by means of additions of product. TURCO provides a control method that enables easy maintenance of the cleaning solution.

TANK STRIPPER C is biodegradable and hydrocarbon solvents free, with low foaming properties.

TANK STRIPPER C can be used to wash the inside of tanks that have transported or will transporting food products, making at the end of washing a proper rinse. Formulation and components of this product is also Compliance Khoser.