Car washing material for use in automatic car washes.


TECHCLEAN 50 can be used in any type of automatic car wash operation. Whether application is by lamb´s wool mitts, sponges, brushes or by high pressure sprays, TECHCLEAN 50 does the job. This compunds has been designed to do a thorough cleaning job under conditions where ease and speed in working is a necessity.

Main Characteristics

  • TECHCLEAN 50 has good lubricity and an excellent wetting agent, which means less rubbing per ar. It maintains high suds which gives better cleaning performance and after the cleaning job is done, the suds break rapidly and allow free rinsing.          
  • TECHCLEAN 50 is safe on all cars, it will not damage the finish. It is easy on the operator´s hands and does not irritate like some cleaners do.

Automatic car washes

Use in a very dilute form with the average concentration being one part TECHCLEAN 50 to 400 parts of water. If necessary, dilute one parte TECHCLEAN 50 to 200 parts water.                                        

Temperature preferably 15º-40ºC.                                         

Can be applied by lamb´s wool mitt tanks, sponges or by using a spray-installation.