Foam cleaner - Foam activated


TECHFOAM 50 is a very powerful, non-inflamable cleaning product formulated for use with foam generators, when washing cars at the foam-activated stages.

Main Characteristics

  • Effectively removes oil films, soot stains and environmental dirt. It is hamless on all kind of paints, avoiding the yellowing of white tones.                                                                                        
  • TECHFOAM 50 is very easy to dispose of, being totally biodegradable. Do is not aggresive on asphalt nor does it attack plastic materials.

Depending on the kind of dirt to be disposed of, TECHFOAM 50 may be diluted with water in concentrations of 3-10%. It is applied by means of a foam or pressure generator. Let the foam act for a few minutes ( 5-10 minutes), proceed to the next cleaning stage, light brushing and finally rinsing in water.