Detergent-wax for automobile and truck washing facilities


TECHPOL 100 is a recent development formulated as a powerful detergent containing high gloss wax which cleans and protects bodywork and painted surfaces, for use in automatic high-pressure cleaning facilities and for the manual cleaning of bodywork, trucks and other vehicles.

Main Characteristics

  • Washes, waxes and waterproofs in a single operation.  
  • Neutral pH.                                                       
  • Contains no hazardous acids, such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid.             
  • Extremely user safe.                             
  • Safe on paintwork, glass and metals                         
  • No corrosion of the chassis or oxidation of wheel nuts and bolts, as generally occurs with acid products.                     
  • It is biodegradable                   
  • The product also features water conditioning properties.
  • When highly concentrated it requires a low concentration of use.

It is used in automatic high-pressure cleaning

In automatic facilities: 0.5%-1% in water                               In high-pressure facilities: 1%-5% in water                            The best results are obtained by using the product at low pressure of around 30 at. Clean the dirtiest areas using a brush when using concentrations of 2-5%. Rinse with cold water at high pressure of 100 bares after 10 minutes and before the product has dried.