Detergent for cleaning land transport vehicles traffic film remover


TECHSHINE 100 is a recently developed product for cleaning painted surfaces in the transport industry, in automatic/manual washing tunnels and high pressure cleaning centres.

Main Characteristics

  • It main characteristic is that it reduces and eliminates static film from painted surfaces, which makes it particulary suitable for high pressure cleaning without brush.                               
  • It facilitates rinsing by favouring the opening of the water film. It decreases the use of the water-repellent products, by reducing the risk of white spots and by leaving gloss surfaces.
  • TECHSHINE 100 does not contains phosphates and is biodegradable according to European Directive 73/404 ECC. Does not contain dangerous hydrofluoric, sulphuric or phosphoric type acids nor harmful elements, EDTA, NTA.       
  • TECHCHINE 100 is bacteriostatic. It prevents the putrefaction of washing tunnel water. It is particularly suitable for the systems which recycle or recover water.                          
  • Treatment in only one stage.                                       
  • Very safe fot the staff.                                            
  • Safe on painting, glass, metal, plastic, rubber,etc.              
  • No corrosion at the level og the chassis. nor oxidation on the nuts and bolts of the wheels or the metal components.
  • Washing of engines of light or heavy vehicles   
  • Washing of the chassis                                           
  • Interior cleaning of busesm coaches, etc

In automatic installations: 0,5-1% in water                           

In high pressure installations: 0,25-2% ( ideal 0,5%)           

Application temperature: 50-65ºC ( Ideal 60ºC)