Additive for caustic washing solutions for cleaning moulds and dies

AVIOSTRIP ADD B is a concentrated powdered product. It is a dark white color, particulary developed as an additive for caustic washing solutions, both diluted and concentrated, soluble in the usage proportions without the formation of any precipitates or flocculations.

Main Characteristics

  • The development of its action in caustic environments is regarded as complexing and sequestrant, forming stable compounds in high pH solutions (11-14). It is also endowed with high tensoactive power which promotes the penetration of bleaches, reducing any losses owing to dragging and making rinsing perfect.                                                                                       
  • It is also endowed with a high bottle shining power , removing the oxide that forms by contact with the top-cap. Highly effective in the prevention of descaling in circuits, reducing carbonation of the soda, boosting the greasing action of the bleaches on the machine and increasing the duration of the baths.                                                                                                   
  • AVIOSTRIP ADD B is biodegradable and does not produce foam.

It constitutes an effective in mould and die cleaning processes and, in general, in all processes in which caustic soda bleaches act, whether in the Food Industry, Petrochemical, Ship Industry, …

The most appropiate concentration of is 0,20% in washing bleach, in other words, in the application solution, for every 20º HF of water hardness. For greater hardnesses, increase this amount proportionally.                                                                            When the water has a high iron content ( more than 3 p.p.m) an overload of AVIOSTRIP ADD B is recommended, double that required to remove calcium or magnesium hardness. AVIOSTRIP ADD B must also be loaded when it is wished to totally remove oxide from the neck of the bottles, in other words, in both cases, have a concentration of 0,40%.