FLOCOTEX 80 is a coagulant used for water treatment which has a dual mechanism action, firstly as a classical coagulant and secondly with an action comparable to organic polyelectrolytes.

Main Characteristics

  • Owing to its constitution, has excellent properties as a coagulant and flocculation agent in water treatment.                 
  • Thanks to its liquid apperance, FLOCOTEX 80 is very easy to handle, both in storage operations as well as in dosage.         
  • With the use of FLOCOTEX 80 low values are obtained of residual turbidity and furthermore there is no increase in the turbidity in the case of overdosage.                                                  
  • FLOCOTEX 80 presents the additional advantage which is active at a low temperature, meaning that it is very effective in cold countries or in winter during which periods it is frequently necessary to use flocculation adjuvants with the classical flocculants.

The doses of FLOCOTEX 80 to be added in water treatment, as with any other flocculant, will depend on the quality of the water to be treated. Consequantly, it is recommended to periodically determine the optimum treatment dose by means of the laboratory flocculantion tests. In the laboratory tests, use mains system water for the dilution.  The product is ready to use and should not be diluted as the product dilutions are not stable.