POLI FLOC is a dark brown liquid deflocculant with a buil-in foam suppressant. POLI FLOC destroys the adhesive properties of paint by entrapping each paint particle with a monomolecular, non-adhesive film.

Main Characteristics

  • Liquid-readily mixed with water.                                                     
  • Concentrated-normally used from 1/4 to 1 oz.per gallon of water.                                                               
  • Retards rust formation on tank, pumps and nozzles.                  
  • Easy to clean and recharge paint booths                                       
  • Economical-used at high dilutions.                                                       
  • Forms stable compound when mixed with water at recommended concentrations.                                
  • Non-flammable in concentrate or diluted form.

POLI FLOC has been found to be the ideal deflocculant for alkyd enamels, acrylics, primers, epoxies and polyurethane paints.

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