An effective inhibitor for hydrochloric acid

AVIOHIB CL is added as an inhibitor to hydrochloric acid pickling of decaling solutions, which are used in pickling operations involved in the rolling, stamping and drewing of steel or as a treatment of steel before hot dip galvanizing, porcelain enameling, electroplating, tanning, or in the salvage of used ferrous , copper and bronze  parts. In general, scale and rust can be removed quickly and safely from ferrous metals, copper and bronze with the use of inhibited hydrochloric acid.

Main Characteristics

  • AVIOHIB CL is a clear brown liquid which inhibist hydrochloric acid attack on good parent metal without inhibiting the attack on the rust and scale.  
  • AVIOHIB CL minimizes the danger of hydrogen embrittlement.

In accordance with the requirement of NACE TASK GROUP TG-A.

Is used in concentration of 10 to 20 cc per liter hydrochloric acid (30%). Stir or mix well. Temperature solution should be from 10ºC to 70º. Preferable is room temperature.

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