MASKING SP is a peelable protection coating and it has a high degree of chemical resistance.

Main Characteristics

  • Its thixotropic properties make it possible to obtain thick coats with a minimum number of applications. Generally speaking, two applications will prove a 250-300 micron coating (10-12 mils)                                                                                                
  • Greater product consistency with less tendency to be sedimented, reducing the need for constant stirring of the liquid which causes high solvent losses.                                          
  • Less tendency to produce the “drooping” effect, reducing contamination of the paint booth.
  • MASKING SP has been specially developed to define areas for selective elimination of metal in chemical milling. It may also be used to protect metallic surfaces during successive manufacturing operations such as modelling, chemical cleaning, conversion coating, type I, II anodising, II and machining. For coatings with greater adhesion , a special product for “high temperatures” is recommended.             
  • MASKING SP is only recommended for hot airless spraying applications.

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