ECOSTRIP 70 is a viscous white emulsion which does not contain any of the hazardous components of conventional strippers. It is free of chlorinated solvents, phenols, chromates, free alkalis or free acids.

Main Characteristics

  • Environmentally- friendly paint stripper and graffiti remover.  
  • Easy to use                                                                                           
  • Reduces dangers in the work area                                                     
  • It is safe on materials including highly resistant steel and magnesium.

Initially, ECOSTRIP 70 was developed as a paint softener to be used in combination with mechanical jetting or high pressure water methods. In practice though, it is clear that given enough time and/or high temperatures, the paint will be removed without the need for many mechanical action.

It meets the majority of the US and European Ecological safety requirements.

ECOSTRIP 70 is a viscous liquid which may be applied by means of a non-atmosing spray. Allow sufficient contact time to soften or raise the paint. A few hours are enough to prepare the surface for blasting or high pressure rinsing ( preferably not ) .  For more information please contact our technical department.