Cleaning solvent-Mek-Replacement

AVIOSOLVENT 60 has been formulated to replace methyl ethy ketone and similar solvents. Is ideal for hand-wipe cleaning of metal surfaces prior to painting or bonding and for cleaning bearings, instruments and electronic components.

Main Characteristics

  • Non corrosive to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  
  • Excellent solvency for oily soils and paint residues.       
  • Does not leave surface residu after evaporation.        
  • Evaporates rapidly from surfaces.                    
  • Vapor pressure of 41 mm Hg

In accordance with the “South Coast Air Quality Management District”, Rule 1124 “Aerospace Assambly and Component Coating Operations”

AVIOSOLVENT 60 is used at full strenght. Apply to metal surfaces, using clean, absorbent cloths. Remove soil residue with clean cloth. Keep cloth saturated with AVIOSOLVENT 60. Change cloth frequently for optimum results.