Cleaning Solvent for Spray booth.

PAINT CLEAN N1 E is a liquid solvent developed as a solvent for cleaning spray booth and painting equipment.

Main Characteristics

  • It has an average rate of evaporaion
  • It has an avearge rate of kauri buthanol.      
  • It does not contain chlotinated solvents.          
  • No residual acidity, thats why this product is safe on all metals.                                  

Due to its characteristics can be used in the cleaning of tools, guns, nozzles, facilities,etc.     

Its use is indicated as a solvent for alkyd enamels, acrylic lacquers, vinyl, polyurethane, epoxy coatings, metallic paints, nitrolcellulose and epoxy tall oil varnishes.

The application is by spraying with non-atomized gun , brush or scraper. Leave the product, drag and eliminate waste by squeegee or with a mop soaked with PAINT CLEAN N1 E. For light pollution can be rinsed with water. In some very resistant or polymerized paints they may be required more than one application.