High purity cleaning solvent.

V2 is a degreaser and cleaner of high efficiency, thanks to its solvent power and its high purity, consisting essentially of aliphatic hydrocarbons. This key feature enables it for applications where it is required no or minimal presence of non-volatile residues, resistance on plastics, rubber, caoutchouc and specially paints.

Main Characteristics

  • V2 has a very low level of toxicity associated with minial odor, which allows it to be manipulated in badly conditioned areas.       
  • It does not attack any metal, and it is not matting with painting or plastic. 
  • It has an interesting flash point of 40ºC (P/M), much higher than other similar products regarded as safe to use. 
  • It has a medium volatility.

The following usages of V2 are highlighted:  

  • Solvent cleaning of pieces, machinery, equipment, etc.           
  • Disposal of waxes and protective materials, both on painted and unpainted surfaces.   
  • Advantageous substitute of WHITE SPIRITS and HEXANE.

V2 is used pure, undiluted and at room temperature, with a brush, cloth or plane and, preferably, with a non-spray gun. Let the product act by penetration and proceed to drag the dissolved material with a new application of V2.