Hot immersion alkaline paint stripper

AVIOSTRIP 24 is a light-brown liquid product with a light surface seal, specifically formulated as a hot immersion paint stripper.

Main Characteristics

  • Its wide range of characteristics classify the product as a “universal remover”, including when used againts the most difficult organic end products.
  • It possesses high saponifying, sequestering, solvency and inhibiting powers.             

It is particularly effective on electrodeposited paint, alquidic, acrylic and asphalt systems, including tools and parts with multiple layers of paint.

AVIOSTRIP 24 is used exclusively in hot immersion, as a rule without diluting, although for easy removals it may be diluted with up to 50% water. Application temperature is 95ºC-100ºC and should not reach boiling point ( aprox. 105/106ºC).