The temporary protection of vulnerable materials has always been a concern in the industry. Whether in storage, transport, handling or maintenance work, it is necessary to protect sensitive surfaces from corrosion, impact or friction. This applies especially to delicate and valuable objects, such as engine parts, injection moulds, large aluminium structures, etc., but also to floors or walls, furniture, glass, nautical or aeronautical materials.

Traditional protective materials must be adapted to each use (oils or water-repellent protections for metals, plastics, tapes or cardboard for floors or vertical surfaces, etc.).

Peelable paints, with years on the market, are usually a simple, economical and effective solution. Water-based coatings are easy to apply and remove, but offer very limited protection, especially against chemical corrosion and friction.

Solvent-based peelable paints can be extremely tough and very easy to peel. TURCO offers a complete range of these products, adapted to all uses and forms of application (brush, roller, spray, immersion), specially formulated for masking work in surface treatment processes, and therefore resistant to chemical attack, high temperatures and suitable for electrolytic treatments.

But, how to achieve a temporary protection with all these advantages, and at the same time respectful with the environment, free of volatile emissions, easy to apply and versatile for different uses?

TURCO Española set out some time ago to find a solution to this question. Thanks to decades of experience manufacturing highly complex chemical specialities for the aeronautical industry, our technical department has developed a highly resistant temporary protection, which is easy to remove once the process for which it has been used is complete, and without the use of solvents.

AEROMASKING 2K is a two-component peelable protection, free of solvents and with a high degree of chemical and physical resistance. Due to its particular formulation, it offers a fast drying without the need of an oven or stove. Furthermore, as it does not contain any volatile solvents, it is economical: there is no evaporation, and therefore 100 % of the product is used. Most importantly, it completely minimizes the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

Contact us and we will advise you on the best option for your needs.


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